Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

Weight loss is not one size fits all. Our Perth Hypnotherapy Weight Specialist will tailor make your sessions to suit your personal requirements. Attain your desired weight, shape and size permanently, within four to six weight loss hypnosis sessions at our Perth clinics by making that lifestyle change.

Hypnotherapy works by creating neuroplasticity changes in the brain which effect both thinking and behaviour. If you are prone to binge eating our weight loss hypnosis can help you quickly unlearn this pattern of behaviour and get back to healthy eating patterns.

Our Weight Specialist provides ongoing weight loss management support long after the sessions have ended. Hypnosis assists and accelerates weight loss in the following manner –

Eliminate food cravings
Boost cravings for healthier foods
Appetite control
Enjoy smaller portion sizes and remaining satisfied
Increase desire to exercise
Eat healthier balanced meals
Promote a greater sense of health, well-being
Reduce sugar cravings
Promote a greater sense of health, well-being

Imagine these behaviours becoming second nature!


If you lost 10% of your body weight, studies show you could expect –

Fewer aches and pains
Improving mobility and breathing, increasing energy levels
Deeper, restful sleep
Lower blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar
Reduced risk of Type 2 diabetes
Reduced risk of coronary artery disease
Prevention of angina

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