Sports Performance Hypnotherapy

The subconscious mind is the driving force behind our actions and beliefs. That is why using hypnosis and making changes at this deeper level can be very valuable. It use in sport isn’t widely publicised, due to the myths about hypnosis being magical and taking people’s power away. In fact, the opposite is true as hypnotherapy focuses on empowering the client. It doesn’t require too much investigation to find competitors in any sport using hypnosis to enhance their performance. Sports hypnosis can help your mental and physical performance and enhance your practice so it is more beneficial.
Whatever your level of expertise or whatever your performance level, Perth Hypnotherapy Specialists can help enhance sports performance in many ways. These include –

Mental rehearsal or visualisation
Creating positive expectation, self belief and confidence
Intensify focus
Increase strength and endurance
Eliminate any negative beliefs
Accessing resourceful mental states
Increasing motivation to train
Relaxation and stress management
Speed up rate of healing from injury
Deal with pain and ‘hitting the wall’

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