GOOD NEWS – Your Brain is ChangeableJuly 22, 2015

Hypnotherapy has historically been well known for its effectiveness in managing pain, assisting people to quit smoking or reduce weight. However, due to the vast amount of research in the field, the effectiveness of hypnosis is now more concretely demonstrated and validated. So much so, that many hospitals around the world have hypnotherapists on staff, especially for pain, cancer, child birth, burns and trauma emergencies. In Australia, many private health funds now offer rebates for hypnotherapy services.
Perhaps it is because of this, that hypnotherapy is becoming more prominent and ‘main stream’ as a healing modality. Awareness is spreading regarding the vast array of issues that can be improved using hypnosis. As we tap into our own inner resources, held within the subconscious mind, we find a vast storehouse of potential.
From the Stone Age we have been ‘hard wired’ (using our reptilian brain) to avoid pain and move towards pleasure. Many of the issues and symptoms that present themselves today are due to this ‘flight or fight’ response.
Through science, we have also come to understand that our brain is ‘plastic’ and changeable. Using hypnosis we can create new neural pathways and alter our thoughts, perceptions and patterns of behavior.
One of the most powerful ways to create changes is to examine our belief system and identify “limiting beliefs”. That is to say those beliefs that hold us back from taking sensible risks on our own behalf and creating the changes we desire. Hypnosis generates focused attention and allows you to become curious about what’s not working for you, then work towards doing things differently.
We now know that our brain is flexible, highly responsive and adaptive to change. We can “rewire” our brain with experiences. These can be external, creating experience dependent neuroplasticity or internal, leading to self directed neuroplasticity. This self directed neuroplasticity occurs due to changes in your attention. Hypnotherapy is a form of focused attention.
What have you previously believed to be out of your control? What have you managed to convince yourself you can do little about? Well, the good news is that if the changes you seek are internal, that is your thoughts, feelings, actions and reactions then hypnotherapy may be very beneficial for you!




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