Fears and Phobias Hypnotherapy

Many of us experience fears and phobias to some degree though when they impact your life negatively, hypnosis can help.

Whether there is a specific event you are preparing for or your issue is more constant, hypnotherapy can help alleviate a wide range of fears and phobias.

The list includes –

Social phobias
Public speaking
Public urination
and many more

When working with fears and phobias there may or may not be an underlying root cause. If necessary, hypnosis can help identify any such event or trigger. Our Perth Hypnotherapy Specialist will elicit a calm and relaxed state to change your stress responses.

Statistics show as many as 10% of people suffer physical or physiological impairment from fears and phobias. They generally recognise that their thoughts and feelings may be irrational. Using hypnosis to allay fears and phobias increases self confidence, self belief and a sense of control.

Perth Hypnotherapist Specialists clients regularly report changes after the first session and experience significant changes after only three sessions.

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